The Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck 2021 will take place in an online format. The meeting will start with the online Workshop about Ethic and frauds in scientific research on the 7th and continue on the 8th and 9th of April, 2021 with the main speakers and the student talks!

Abstract submission deadline is on the 1st of March.

Registration will be open until 5th of April.

The event features:

4 outstanding plenary speakers

40 short talks selected from the submitted abstracts

a "research ethic and frauds" workshop

Plenary speakers:

    Prof. Ada Eban-Rotshild from the University of Michigan

    Prof. Klaus Rajewsky from the Max-Delbrück-Centrum Berlin

    Prof. Dirk Haller from the Technische Universität München

    Prof. Gerhard Schütz from the Vienna University of Technology

Short talk duration is 10 min including dicussion.

Please write to if you have any questions.

We like to thank our sponsors that enabled us to make this meeting free of charge and are looking forward that many of you will join us at the Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck 2021!


For participation, please register >here<
If you plan on presenting your project as poster or short talk, please register and additionally submit your abstract by sending the filled abstract form (download here) to To Join the workshop you can register >here<
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  • A detailed explanation how to enter and exit the breakout rooms for the parallel session can be found >here<!

Research ethics and scientific fraud
The online Workshop about Research ethics and scientific fraud will take place on the 7th
of April.
The link for the Zoom meeting at 10:00 will be available here soon!

The idea for this workshop arose from the work of Jana Christopher: she is an Image Data Integrity Analyst since 2011. Her job is to detect and flag up issues in scientific papers’ images and to verify allegations of illegitimate image manipulation post-publication. She fiercely fights against scientific misconduct, which in the last decades became one of the biggest threats to science credibility. She will explain us her work and why it is important.

Moreover, Manuel Guerrero (University of Uppsala, Sweden), who is part of the Human Brain Project’s Ethics Team, will talk about Principles of Responsible Research and Innovation and Harald Kleinberger-Pierer (FH Joanneum, Austria), a historian who also contributed to the Human Brain Project, will talk about Scientific Fraud in the History of Science.
As new generation of scientists it is important that we acknowledge the problem and talk about it openly, to avoid tripping over the same mistakes and try to contain misconduct. For this reason at the end of the talks there will be half an hour of common discussion.

To register for the workshop, please click >here<.

Gerhard Schütz

Gerhard Schütz

University of Technology, Vienna

"Quantifying in quantitative cell biology: how, what, and why?"

Dirk Haller

Dirk Haller

Technical University Munich

"Functional relevance of microbiome signatures"

Ada Eban-Rotshild

Ada Eban-Rotshild

University of Michigan

"Neuronal circuits regulating the motivations to stay awake or go to sleep"

Klaus Rajewsky

Klaus Rajewsky

Max-Delbrück-Centrum, Berlin

"Will be announced soonish ;)"

The Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck 2019 took place on the 25th and 26th of April, 2019 at the Center of Chemistry and Biomedicine (CCB) in Innsbruck (venue).

The event featured:

4 outstanding plenary speakers

24 short presentations selected from the submitted abstracts

a "From Research to Market: Creating your own business" workshop

a smashing party

Detailed information you can find below

Plenary speakers:


    Andrea Pauli

    Andrea Pauli

    IMP in Vienna, Austria

    "Small proteins with big roles: From coordinating cell migration to mediating species-specific fertilization"

    Ralf Amann

    Ralf Amann

    University of Tübingen, Germany

    "Next generation vaccines: Modifying immunity with novel ORF virus vector concepts"

    Robert Messing

    Robert Messing

    University of Texas at Austin, USA

    "Targeted and Genomic Approaches to Drug Discovery for Alcohol Use Disorder"

    Patrick Eyers

    Patrick Eyers

    University of Liverpool, UK

    "Understanding and responding to kinase-based drug-resistance in cancer cells"

Additionally, the Biooptics Image Award was awarded during the meeting. Submission Deadline was the 23rd of April 2019. Find more information >here<.

Poster format was A0 (or smaller) in portrait format.

Short talk duration was 12 min + 3 min dicussion.

Flash talk duration was 2 min.

Please write to if you have any questions.

We like to thank our sponsors that enabled us to make this meeting free of charge and are happy that so many of you joined us at the Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck 2019!

From Research to Market: Creating your own business
Do., 25. April 2019, 09:30 AM – 12:00 AM
CCB Center for Chemistry and Biomedicine, Innrain 80-82, 6020 Innsbruck

Have you ever wondered what kind of world awaits you outside your lab or the lecture hall? Have you ever envisioned your future and your life after university? There may be fascinating research to be done in a company or there may be even the chance to start your own business.
It’s time to get active and to develop your own ideas! We would like to show you possible ways …

Keynote “From Research to Entrepreneurship”
Meet Florian Föger, successful founder and CEO of Cyprumed GmbH

Workshop: From idea to product or services with Lean Startup
Learn about the best methods and tools to facilitate the process of converting your research into marketable products and services while bearing in mind regulations and classification requirements.

Networking & Question Time
Bring on your questions – we are here for you every step of the way!

The workshop is jointly organized by Standortagentur Tirol/Cluster Lífe Sciences Tirol, Gründungszentrum Start up Tirol GmbH and Life & Health Science Cluster Tirol.

Further Information:

Cyprumed GmbH is an Austrian Startup developing a pharmaceutical technology to enable the oral intake of therapeutic drugs that currently must be injected. CYPRUMED was rewarded with several prices (AdventureX, Best of Biotech, Science4Life) and is currently engaged in collaborations with big international Pharma companies.

Cluster Life Sciences Tirol: Part of the „Standortagentur Tirol”, the cluster management platform brings together top-class Tyrolean research institutions from the life sciences sector with active companies located in the region. It imparts expertise, provides thematic impetus, offers links to specialist partners, encourages and supports interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary collaborations and research and development partnerships.

STARTUP.TIROL is a business incubator and professional partner that can help you get your idea to the market by providing support with business development and market entry. A specially developed scale-up programme helps academic spin-offs use their research results commercially in their own technology companies. You will find more information on the scale-up programme and the services offered by STARTUP.TIROL on

Life & Health Science Cluster Tirol: Life & Health Science Cluster Tirol is an initiative of all Tyrolean universities to foster and connect research and other activities. The cluster aims to provide optimal conditions for researchers to enable successful realization of chances. It serves as a central platform and information point for Life & Health Science Research across Tyrol and is a novel network to increase national and international visibility. Find out more about us on and follow us on twitter @lhsct_at .

Life Science PhD Meeting Innsbruck 2021

7th - 9th April, 2021


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