Our program is devoted to

The interdisciplinary program was initiated by the Departments of Anatomy, of Plastic Surgery, Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

The main focus of the program is on the application of mechanical and engineering principles on the human body. This encompasses the function of healthy non compromised structures as well as treatment options to restore the biomechanical function of the musculoskeletal system after traumatic or degenerative changes. Post graduates of our program are mainly young scientists with a medical or engineering background interested in pursuing a career in clinical environment or MedTech industry.

Lectures and Courses

Core Subjects

The main focus of the curriculum is on biomechanics and its application to current clinical challenges in the treatment of patients.

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Program Coordinator

Christian Haid

Program Coordinator

E-Mail: christian.haid@i-med.ac.at

Werner Schmölz

Program Coordinator

E-Mail: werner.schmoelz@i-med.ac.at