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The Phd Program in Neuroscience is designed as a course of study consisting of both basic and clinical neuroscience. Students are exposed to recent theories about brain function and up-to-date research strategies. They acquire the technical skills of planning, conducting and evaluating complex experiments and clinical studies. Participation in the program forms a cornerstone in the training of young researchers interested in pursuing a career in academic, clinical and biotechnological environments.
For more information on the FWF Doctoral Program SPIN - Signal Processing in Neurons please visit: www.neurospin.at

Lectures and Courses

Neuroscience Program Structure

The program offers three teaching modules
  • Module 1: Neuropharmacology and Neural Systems
  • Module 2: Clinical Neuroscience
  • Module 3: Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
The curriculum consists of core courses taught as a combination of practical courses and lectures, a general neuroscience lecture, two neuroscience seminars and research training seminars organized by the thesis supervisors.
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Program Coordinator

Markus Reindl

Program Coordinator

Tel.: +43/(0)512/504-24363

E-Mail: markus.reindl@i-med.ac.at

Christoph Schwarzer

Program Coordinator

Tel.: +43/(0)/512/9003-71205

E-Mail: schwarzer.christoph@i-med.ac.at